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Stress Less, Create More Hints Part 2

Janice Webber
Janice WebberPublished on April 09, 2023

Here is the next update on the topic of stress and what you can do about it.

If you are a dog or cat owner, you would have seen your pet do this before.

After they are stressed, they shake it off. My little dog Jessie does this a lot. It is just amazing to watch some times. I have tried to capture her doing it in a video but she never does it when I have the video ready to go. After she shakes it off, she will have a rest. I did get her on video. I have posted it to my YouTube channel - Empowering Your Creativity. Hope you get a chance to view it.

She loves to be petted and that helps to also calm her down and I also benefit. There is a release of oxytocin when you pet an animal in both the animal and you.

If you like what you are finding, here is my exciting news. As most of you are aware - I am Janice Webber, an artist and stress management expert who offers women a way to stress less and create more through my Empowering Your Creativity Courses. My classes are limited to 6 participants so I like to make sure that we will be a good match with your goals and what I offer in my 12 week class. Looking forward to talking with you soon. Just email me or book here -

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