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Online Virtual Art Show August 16-18

Janice Webber
Janice WebberPublished on August 12, 2022

When I started my journey in 2019, I was looking for a way to bring all the ideas to fruition. They started many years ago when I use to take a small pouch filled with an eraser, a pencil, and a small pad of paper. Sketching is how I started. I was not encouraged with my endeavours. It was looked on a something to indulge me in as I was not deemed anything more that doing a hobby. That was hard to process. It created lots of doubts and insecurities as I had been taught that an artist could not make a living doing what they love. Now it is many years later and I decided it was time to take back my personal power and do what I had always wanted to do - Be An Artist - It no longer mattered what others thought as I could not continue on the path I chose. It had served its' purpose. Now is my time to shine as an artist.

I hope you will come to watch my show where I reveal the "Evolution of an Artist" - yes, I do mean myself but have also come to understand it is a path that all artists travel. We just do not know the when we start down it. I have been a dabbler for way too long. Now I am working to be a professional artist. Come and see the show. I love any feedback you wish to share but am very proud of what my art is becoming. See you soon in my FB group - 3 P's Art by artist Janice Webber.

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