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Janice Webber
Janice WebberPublished on September 07, 2022

Cannot believe it is already September. I will be doing a few weekly posts on the Stress Less, Create More courses and info for you to understand why we need to take care. Here is the first part - Stress and its effects have been studied since the 1960s. YES, that Long ago. I saw a video called "Understanding Stresses and Strains" in the early 90's. The video was done by the Walt Disney company in 1968. It still had good info even though we understood more about Stress and its effects. Since COVID, I have treated more clients in my physio office for stress related physical issues than I have ever seen in my 37 years as a physio. Symptoms are headaches, tight necks and jaws, shoulder and upper back pain, even some low back pain. More next post on what to do.......Se

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