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3 Ps in a Pod Art Studio

Janice Webber
Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Welcome to 3 P' s in a Pod Art Studio. So Glad you popped by to take a look.

I decided to open an art studio as I create paintings, photographs, and pottery that are unique and for a person's viewing pleasure. I also offer workshops in these mediums.

I am an artist with three great loves - painting , photography, and pottery. I cannot chose between them. I love deciding what to use to capture the object, when I do I have fun, learn a lot, and enjoy the final result. I prefer the unique, amazing, stunning so that is what I work on in my art.

In my art studio which is found here,, I will be sharing my abstract art and my more realistic paintings, photographs, and pottery.

I have a variety of memberships available so you can enjoy, learn, have fun, and improve your creativiy.

In my Blog, I will be sharing how I found that one subject that photographs beautifully, or becomes a painting or a piece of pottery or a sculpture. I will also be sharing how I have evolved as an artist.

I created workshops and courses in the "Stress Less, Create More" series which uses Tai Chi as a calming and centering method and other stress reducing techniques before we explore creativity. It is an introductory workshop to those mediums.

I offer workshops online as well as in-person, and I'm always welcoming new students!

For more information or to buy a piece of my art, you can find it on my website Fun fact: all the background photographs on this site are taken by me!

Invite your friends, everybody saves.

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