Acquire customers via cross-brand collabs

Join our invite-only network of prestige brands to launch collabs and turn their customers into yours.


A new era for ecommerce subscriptions

Are you struggling to acquire new customers in the era of "Do Not Track" privacy features and the decline of paid ads' effectiveness? Subkit Collab Network is here to transform the way growth stage e-commerce brands leverage the subscription business model for accelerated growth.

Subkit has developed the world's first collaboration network dedicated to subscription businesses, unlocking the power of organic growth through cross-promotion, co-selling, and revenue sharing with other brands. With over 25,000+ businesses in our Collab Network, you can find the perfect partner to create exclusive subscription bundles and add-ons that appeal to the #1 reason people subscribe – unique offerings.

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Collaborative marketing, amplified impact

In a world where paid ads break the bank and discount offers fall on deaf ears, there's a powerful, innovative approach to propelling your marketing operations to new heights: Cross-brand collabs. Our SaaS platform has been designed for discerning marketing leaders aiming to amplify their brand impact in the competitive D2C landscape. 

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Unlock monthly growth partnerships

Our cross-brand solution matches your brand with others, determines the products that work well together, and creates partnerships for product collections. As a result, you will unlock new growth opportunities every month.

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Achieve enhanced ROIs

Our monthly cross-brand collabs are created to supercharge your digital campaigns. Experience the unprecedented advantage of collaborative marketing and boost your brand by tapping into your partner's loyal customer base. Effortlessly acquire new customers who will love what your brand has to offer, while keeping it fresh for your existing customers too.

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Prevent cancellations

People get bored and churn out. Keep subscribers interested with a mix of different brands in your bundles. Let them switch products for a fresh experience, keeping yours and never quitting.

Ditch the 8th reason

Subscribe-and-save is a lowly 8th reason to start a subscription. Embrace the top reason by offering exclusive access to unique products. Craft irresistible cross-brand bundles, and woo new subscribers!

Boost your engagement

Ads got costly, discounts got dull. Amp up your marketing strategy with cross-brand bundle campaigns. Keep it fresh with a new collab campaign every month and turn your excited customers into loyal subscribers. 

Prevent cancellations

People get bored and churn out. Give your subscribers variety through other brands' products in your bundles. When they want something fresh, they can switch products in their bundle, always keep yours, and never cancel.

Your customer growth timeline

Day 1

We set you up in Subkit, import your products, and integrate with your Shopify backend.

Day 2

We integrate with your Klaviyo, prepare your launch campaign, and start sending you proposals for potential collab partner intros.

Day 3

You give thumbs up/down to our brand matches and we start making intros to your desired collab partners.

Week 2

We set up your first cross-brand collab and go live with a marketing campaign that gets promoted by both brands.

Monthly Collab Launches

We continue making intros to brands so you can launch one collab per month to keep growing your customers and revenue.

Collabs: An easier path to high growth

You can bundle your subscription products (physical, digital, or sessions) with other businesses already on Subkit or invite other businesses. From there, cross-promote and share revenue.  

The marketing tools you need for organic growth 


We have you covered with tools that will help you accelerate recurring revenue growth.

Offer physical products, paid newsletters, video/audio library, and sessions.
Bundle subscription products with other businesses to cross-promote, gain more subscribers, and share revenue.
Schedule in-person or virtual sessions with groups or 1-1, paid or free.
Create subscription plans with flexible billing cycles, itemized features, and free trials.
Set up subscription model specific, ongoing, two-sided referral programs for viral growth.
Create one-time or ongoing discount coupons for your founding members and other special customers.
Upload your email list and send your subscriber-only digital content + promotional messages via high open rate email campaigns.
Pre-launch your plans with waitlists and a pricing survey to build buzz, gauge demand and determine a winning price.

Sign up and set up your business

Easy peasy. Sign up with your email address and business name, choose a URL and upload your logo.

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Add a product or service you want to sell

Simply add product details and an image.

Choose between:

Physical Products

Offer local or shipped goods.

Examples: Curated Packages, Coffee, Bread, Chocolate, Honey, Pet Food, etc. 

Content Products

Deliver multi-media content to subscribers' inboxes.

Examples: Newsletters, Video/Audio Library, Podcasts, Tutorials, and Articles.

Session Products

Host in-person or online group meetings, 1-on-1 sessions or provide scheduled services.

Examples: Fitness/Wellness Classes, Coaching, Meetups, Professional Education, Masterminds, Scheduled In-Person Services.


Create a subscription plan

Choose a name and description, attach products, and set price and fulfillment. 


You're ready to start earning recurring revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Subkit help e-commerce brands grow their customer base?

The invite-only Subkit D2C Network allows brands to connect with each other and create cross-brand product bundles that gets co-promoted with shared revenue. This unlocks growth through organic channels and creates fresh marketing campaigns with unique messaging, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

How can Subkit's Collab Network be used to find affiliates?

Businesses can utilize the Subkit Collab Network not only for collab subscription bundles but also to find suitable affiliates for their brand. Affiliates can drive new subscribers using the two-sided subscriber referral program, which allows them to share simple referral links in emails and social messages. Affiliates are rewarded for each subscription payment earned through their referred subscribers.

Which e-commerce platforms does Subkit integrate with?

Subkit integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. This allows for automatic backend order processing for new subscribers and renewals, eliminating any manual work needed.

How does Subkit handle subscriber support and customer service?

Subkit offers a fully managed subscription platform that includes self-manage capabilities for subscribers, as well as a support email where Subkit's support team handles requests such as cancellations, upgrades, downgrades, refunds, pauses, skips, and disputes. This alleviates the need for brands to handle subscriber support issues themselves.

Do brands maintain ownership of their data, content, and subscribers on Subkit?

Yes, on Subkit, brands own their data, content, and subscribers. They can take them and leave the platform anytime they choose.

Request early access

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